Mabon Apple Ritual

Set up your altar decorating it with four candles, grapevine, fall leaves, place an apple in the center.

Light the candles and the incense

Cast a circle:

Touch athamé to water. Visualize the banishment of negativity and say:
I consecrate and cleanse this water
That it may be purified and fit to
Dwell within this sacred circle of stones
In the name of the mother goddess and father god
I consecrate this water.

Touch athamé to salt and say:
I consecrate and cleanse this salt
That it may be purified and fit to
Dwell within this sacred circle of stones
In the name of the mother goddess and father god
I consecrate this salt
Hold athame at you waist, start at north and walk clockwise saying:

Here is the boundary of the circle of stones
Naught but love shall enter in and
Naught but love shall emerge from within
Charge this by your powers, old ones.

Starting at the north again walk clockwise and sprinkle salt your circle is now sealed.
Face the altar and hold the apple in both hands. If you can do this rite outside, raise the apple up to the sky, and feel the wisdom and energy of the gods coming to you.


The apple is sacred, a symbol of the gods,
and holds the knowledge of the ancients inside.
Tonight I ask the gods to bless me with their wisdom.

Slice the apple in half across the middle. Where the seeds are, you will see a five-pointed star. Place the two halves in the center of your altar.

Five points in a star, hidden inside.
One for earth, one for air, one for fire,
one for water, and the last for spirit.

Turn to the north, arms raised to the heavens, and say:
The world passes from light into darkness,
and the golden fields of the earth bring the promise
of food and nourishment through the winter.
Face east, and say:
I stand on the threshold of the darkness,
and know that the summer breezes give way to autumn chill,
which bring forth the blazes of color in the trees.
Next, turn to the south and say:
I call upon the wise ones, the ancient gods,
as the sun moves away and fire fades,
to be replaced with the chill of the night.
Finally, face west, and say:
I will reflect on the guidance of the gods,
and let the cool autumn rains wash over me,
cleansing my heart and soul.

Raise the cup of wine or cider to the sky, and toast the gods. Say:
The wild god returns this night to the belly of the Mother.
The mother goddess tonight becomes the Crone.
As the Wheel of the Year turns, the earth dies a bit each day.
I willingly follow the old gods into the darkness,
where they will watch over me, protect me, and keep me safe.
Sip from the cup, and as you drink your wine or cider, think about the power and energy of the Divine

(cakes and ale)

Extinguish the god candle, and say:
The wild god has gone to rest in the Underworld.
I look to the darkness for renewal and rebirth.

Extinguish the goddess candle, and say:
The mother goddess has entered her most powerful stage.
She is the Crone, the wise one, and I ask for her blessing.
 Reflect upon all the changes that are to come, and those things that will stay constant. Feel the energy of the gods as you connect to them, and understand that even though winter is coming, the light will return again.

Extinguish all candles and release the circle by walking counter-clock wise stopping at each corner and saying.

Farewell, Spirit of the [direction] Stone
I give thee my thanks for your attendance here
Go in power.

The Circle is open, but unbroken.
Blessed Be

Samhain Ritual

Decorate altar with one center candle and pictures, statues, keepsakes of those you wish to remember.

Place 20 white stones around the candle, to mark the 20 people who were burned during the Salem Witch Trials.  Place a stone for each person whose memory you wish to honour on this night.  Say their name as you place the stone.

Light the candle and say:

  Hail to Our God and Goddess

We send you blessing along with a hug
May this special night be filled with love
We welcome spirits and ancestors this night
As we celebrate surrounded by light
We remember the sad times and the blessings too
As the wheel ever turns, make it sacred to you
A blessed Samhain to one and to all
Old or young, short or tall
May love and blessings be sent to thee
As it is writ
So mote it be.

Yuletide Ritual

Note: House is in complete darkness when guest arrive when you are ready to begin say:

It is winter.
It is night.
We await the Sun.
We await the light.
In this darkness
In this night,
We await the warmth.
We await the light.
Gather in a circle hold hands and say:

Hail guardians of the east, south, west and north
I call for your essence here this night
Keep negativity from coming forth
And bless us with both light and warmth.
We form this circle in perfect love and perfect trust
And shall allow not but love pass herein
As we gather in the darkness with both kith and kin.
In the name of the goddess we conjure thee
So mote it be.

Youngest guest light the center candles and says: 

Shadows go away, darkness is no more,
as the light of the sun comes back to us.
Warm the earth.
Warm the ground.
Warm the sky.
Warm our hearts.
Welcome back, sun. 

(Goddess be with me)

Get comfy: Meditation (Spoken very slowly and softly)
The room is dark, with the exception of a single lit candle in the center of the ritual space.
Around the alter and ritual space are many other candles, but they are not yet lit.

Gaze at the candle flame until it absorbs your complete attention. Let it fill your vision as it
dances and flickers. Watch as it moves with slightest breath of air.
Now, close your eyes, keeping the image of the flame before you. Breath slowly and deeply.
As the participants close their eyes, the person reading the meditation. Along with an assistant
or two, if it is a large group, should light the other candles in the space.
Imagine that the flame you hold in your mind’s eye is the only light left in all the world. It is
your own precious flame—the light within you—your fire, your spark. Be one with your light.
Feel its warmth as your own. Feel your entire body glow with the essence of that fire.
On this, the longest night of the year, feed your flame. Let it burn bright, fueled by your love,
your compassion, and your faith. Let its radiance spread outward, spreading light throughout the
darkness, warming the coldest places, sending love and goodwill throughout the world.
Now, look beyond the light of your own fire—see the sparks in the darkness that are the lights of others. See the many flames blooming in the night like flowers in a garden. Watch as their
radiance spreads and multiplies.
This is magic—that the light of a single candle can spread and multiply until the darkness is
banished. This is a night of magic. Tonight is the longest night—the midnight of the year, but
tomorrow the sun will be reborn in the glory of the dawn. And each day shall grow longer than
the one before, as the great wheel turns.
Slowly, open your eyes and behold the magic of the sun
When the participants open their eyes, they are greeted by a brightly lit room.

All say: Welcome Back Light

Cakes and Ale
Yule Craft

Before everyone leaves gather once again in a circle, holding hands and say

Guardians of the north, west, south and east, we thank you for the gift of your presence
Hail and farewell to thee
The circle is open yet remains unbroken to protect against evils said and unspoken
May soon again we merry meet, until then all blessed be.