Confidence Spell

You will need...

some small seasonal flowers
a quartz crystal
green candle
writing paper
A cauldron or dish to burn the spell in.

write a verse or a fav poem on your paper, now hold your crystal in your hands and think about your spell, what is it you want to achieve, what would having more confidence bring into your life, think about all the good things that can come out of having more confidence.

Ask the elements/Moon/Goddess...your ancestors even to give you the power of communication, compassion and understanding whilst listening and above all assurance that you can face any situation without fear. Ask that they bless your mouth, ears, nose and throat so your body is able to absorb clearly and speak fluently.

Light the green candle and use the flame to light your paper with your verse already written on it. Place it in your cauldron or fireproof dish along with the parsley and small flowers, and arms raised above your head say- 

I beg you please to hear me pray
And listen to the words I say
May wisdom bless my tongue and lips
Your guidance bless advice I give
And I harm none, so mote it be.

focus your thoughts on the candle, let the candle burn down on its own as you remove your circle and clear away.

Erase Flashbacks

To Help Remove Bad Memories/Flash Backs - other mental or emotional pains:

Take a moment to center and ground. When you’re ready light your incense – sandlewood or jasmine might work best. But use what you are comfortable with.

Close your eyes and get into a mental rhythm. Hum to a beat and focus your breathing to go with the natural rhythm of the hum.

When you’re ready, Chant:

Pains and aches and bad memories,
Fly from me high high above the trees,
Leave me, leave this body – don’t return
For peace of mind I really do yearn.
Surround me with my Goddess’ light,
Protect me from the whiplashes of that night.
With all the positivity and energy bestowed in me,
Harm it none, So mote it be!

Spend a moment meditating on life without the memories.
Think about how you feel – how happy and unbothered you are.
Think about you going about your daily life without those memories.
Light the white candle.

Write your name on a piece of paper. Write down what you are trying to get rid of – be it bad memories, flashbacks, tension, pain, etc. Write it all down. Pour your emotions and really work on this.

When you’re finished, fold the paper so it’s not loose and flimsy (to help reduce the odds of fire) – then light the tip of the paper and let the paper burn in a cauldron or other fire proof can/plate etc.

As it burns, state

I offer this to the God of Fire, may he burn out the memories and take all the pain away.

Allow the candle to burn down; re-chant the first two lines from above:
Pains and aches and bad memories,
Fly from me high high above the trees.

Re-chant as needed.
When finished, allow the candle to burn, but before you turn your mind away, end with,

With all the positivity and energy bestowed in me,
Harm it none, So mote it be!

If possible, let the candle burn all the way down!